Daily Schedule

*All Times are American Central Standard Time (Daylight Time observed)*

Monday – Friday Schedule

00:30am – Listen to the Bible 3 minute

1:30am – A Word with You 4 minute

2:30am – Joni and Friends 4 minute

3:30am – Laugh Again Daily 4.5 minute

4:30am – Breakpoint Daily

6-6:03am – “Across Kentucky” (Ky. Farm Bureau)

6:28-6:31 – “Homeschool Heartbeat” 3 minute

7-9am – “Bible Breakfast Club” w/Brother Ron Miller

10-10:30am – “Family Talk” with Dr. James Dobson

10:30 – 11am – John Hagee Today

11am-Noon – Challenge Ministries, Bob Martin

Noon-12:06pm – American Family News 6 minute

12:30pm – Listen to the Bible 3 minute

1:30pm – A Word with You 4 minute

2:30pm – Joni and Friends 4 minute

3-3:06pm – American Family News 6 minute

3:30pm – Laugh Again Daily 4.5 minute

4:30pm – Breakpoint Daily

5:30-6pm – Adventures in Odyssey Weekday

6-6:06pm – American Family News 6 minute

6:06-6:34pm – “Wall Builders” with David Barton

6:34-6:45pm – Ravi Zachariah, “Just Thinking”

6:45-7pm – “Faith & Freedom”, from Liberty Counsel

8-8:30pm – Unshackled Daily – Mon.,Tue., Thur., Fri.

8:30-9pm – Truth for Life Daily – Allister Begg

9-11pm – “Bible Breakfast Club” replay w/Brother Ron Miller

11pm – Janet Medford Today

Special Day Airings:

Monday 9-9:30am – “Jesus is Lord” Renee Arterburn

Monday 7-8pm – “It’s A Matter of Time” w/Roger & Bodie Goostree live

Tuesday 9-9:30 – Immanuel Ministries, Phillip Trent

Wednesday 7:15-8:30pm – Bethel Fellowship – Live

Thursday 9-9:30am Ernie Vincent – Live

Friday 9-10am – “Unbroken Line” w/Pastor Chad Hayes – Live & Recorded

Friday 7-8pm – “Unbroken Line” replay w/Pastor Chad Hayes

Saturday Schedule:

6am – God’s Great Outdoors

7:30am – Kid’s Corner

8am – Adventures in Odyssey, Weekend

8:25am – Paws & Tales

9-9:30am – Science, Scripture, & Salvation

9:30-10am – Down Gilead Lane

3pm -American Family News Weekend

5:30pm – Radio Theatre

6pm – “Let My People Think” w/Ravi Zachariah

6:30pm – “Take America Back” w/Lee Watts

7pm – “It’s A Miracle” w/Cindy Herzog

7:30pm – Immanuel Ministries w/ Bro. Phillip Trent

8pm – Unshackeled

8:30-9pm – Truth For Life Wknd – Allister Begg

9pm – Friends of Israel

9:30pm – RZIM Spanish – “Let My People Think” “Pesemos”

10pm – Bethel Hispanic Radio Program

Sunday Schedule:

7am – “Potters Hope” w/Wayne Clemmons

7:30am – Gary’s Southern Gospel Favorites

8am – Jimmy Roberson – Live

8:30am – Gary’s Southern Gospel Favorites

9am – Pleasant View Pulpit

9:30am – Truth For Life Weekend – Allister Begg

10:15am – Bethel Fellowship Ministries

3pm – American Family News Weekend

5:30-6pm – RZIM Spanish – “Let My People Think” “Pesemos”

6pm – Bethel Hispanic Radio Program

7pm – “Manna-Fest”, w/ Perry Stone

7:30pm – Jesus is Lord w/Renee Arterburn

8pm – Gaither Homecoming Hour

9pm – Gary’s Southern Gospel Favorites

Luke 10:2

And He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest.